Current graduate student (PhD candidate) at the University of Washington, Majoring in Computer Science. BSE degree from University of Pennsylvania in Networked and Social Systems with a minor in Fine Arts

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I have extensive experience in JavaScript (Client side & Nodejs), PHP, Java and ActionScript. I also do a lot of work with Python, OCaml, Perl and sometimes C/C++.
- I can work with distributed web services (think "cloud") and run algorithms on large datasets (think "big data").
- I know about AI algorithms and a bit of how to make computers smarter on their own (think "machine learning").
- I also work with the smaller, touchable stuff like network protocols (think "security"), server-side and client-side programming and sometimes a I write a few desktop applications/browser extensions just for fun.


I'm studying fine art as a minor with a focus on digital and traditional hand-drawn animation. I can't really "design a website template" or make a UI component, if you're wondering. Though I can recognize good UI design patterns (think "responsive design") and use them (think "bootstrap").

I can...

... speak Chinese and English with native fluency. And I can understand around 80% of spoken or written Japanese (more or less).

You know what...

... this is not a resume, don't expect it to be one. Also, I did not draw the header. I'm not that good yet.